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2  DF  .~> With structure for causing reciprocal translation of roundabout along vertical path (e.g., elevator, etc.)
3  DF  .~> Having feature for facilitating transport by vehicle structure
4  DF  .~> And occupant propelled seesaw {1}
6  DF  .~> Powered toy type {2}
13  DF  .~> Marine
14  DF  .~> Occupant propelled {6}
27  DF  .~> Having occupant or article carriage mounted propulsion means
28  DF  .~> Having freely moving occupant or article carriage on turning platform
29  DF  .~> Having carrier rotating about vertical axis (e.g., merry-go-round, etc.) {6}
43  DF  .~> Occupant or article carriage follows stationary, horizontally winding, track or platform
44  DF  .~> Having carrier rotating about horizontal axis {1}
47  DF  .~> Having carrier rotating about an axis having varying angular orientation


Classification: 472/1


(under the class definition) Subject matter consisting of apparatus which carries a person or object along a circuitous path.

(1) Note. The circuitous path is not necessarily circular in shape, but a person or object must be intended to be carried in a complete loop to be proper hereunder. Apparatus rotating a person or object about an axial line passing therethrough is considered to be carrying the person or object along a circuitous path. Oscillating amusement type swings which also permit a person or object to turn or twirl thereon are not proper hereunder.

(2) Note. The roundabout may be used to stabilize or tow a person as the person travels by foot, skates, etc., along a circuitous path. It may carry only a portion of the person's weight or may carry it only when the person falls or begins to fall.


15, for an occupant propelled roundabout used as a trainer for foot travel which may be used to stabilize a baby, a novice, an invalid, etc., learning or relearning how to walk, skate, etc.

118+, for an oscillating amusement type swing which permits a user to turn or twirl thereon.

SEE OR SEARCH CLASS 40, Card, Picture, or Sign Exhibiting, for a card, picture, sign, or other display of that class which may be moved along a circuitous path, particularly

427+, for a special effect display and subclasses 446+ for a changing exhibitor display.

52, Static Structures (e.g., Buildings), particularly

64+, for a repositionable major section of a static structure, e.g., a revolving building section, etc.

104, Railways, particularly

35+, for a railway turntable, subclasses 53+ for an amusement railway vehicle which may travel along a circuitous track, and subclasses 74+ for a rotating car carried on a railway truck assembly.

105, Railway Rolling Stock, for railway rolling stock which may follow a circuitous path, particularly

1.5, for a wheeled toy or model railway vehicle, subclass 28 for a railway locomotive carried turntable, subclass 157.2 for a toy or model railway truck, and subclass 238.2 for a toy or model railway rolling stock having a car body designed for a special purpose.

119, Animal Husbandry, particularly

701, for animal breaking, training, or exercise apparatus which may cause the animal to follow a circuitous path.

482, Exercise Devices, particularly

51+, for exercise apparatus involving user translation or simulation thereof and which is not limited to a circuitous path (see the Search Class notes thereunder for related art areas found in other classes), subclass 144 for an exercise device which may be used to suspend and invert a person by pivoting the person about an axis, and subclasses 146+ for a swivelled foot platform which supports the entire body of a user for a muscle conditioning or developing purpose.