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Classification: 705/

This is the generic class for apparatus and corresponding methods for performing data processing operations, in which there is a significant change in the data or for performing calculation operations wherein the apparatus or method is uniquely designed for or utilized in the practice, administration, or management of an enterprise, or in the processing of financial data.

This class also provides for apparatus and corresponding methods for performing data processing or calculating operations in which a charge for goods or services is determined.


1. The arrangements in this class are generally used for problems relating to administration of an organization, commodities or financial transactions.

2. Mere designation of an arrangement as a "business machine" or a document as a "business form" or "business chart" without any particular business function will not cause classification in this class or its subclasses.

3. For classification herein, there must be significant claim recitation of the data processing system or calculating computer and only nominal claim recitation of any external art environment. Significantly claimed apparatus external to this class, claimed in combination with apparatus under the class definition, which perform data processing or calculation operations are classified in the class appropriate to the external device unless specifically excluded therefrom.

4. Nominally claimed apparatus external to this class in combination with apparatus under the class definition is classified in this class unless provided for in the appropriate external class.

5. In view of the nature of the subject matter included herein, consideration of the classification schedule for the diverse art or environment is necessary for proper search. REFERENCES TO OTHER CLASSES


177, Weighing Scales,

25.11+, for a computerized scale.

186, Merchandising, various subclasses for customer service methods and apparatus in a variety of areas including banking, restaurant and stores.

235, Registers, various subclasses for basic machines and

associated indicating mechanisms for ascertaining the number of movements of various devices and machines, plus machines made from these basic machines alone (e.g., cash registers, voting machines), and in combination with various perfecting features, such as printers and recording means. In addition, search Class 235 for various data bearing record controlled systems. Search

375, 386 for a system having a detail of a record-sensing device in combination with a system utilized for banking, determining credit, maintaining an inventory, access control, vending, voting, time or operations analysis and having no more than a nominal recitation of a computer or data processing arrangement. Search subclasses 7+ for cash register; and subclass 61 for mechanically computing a cost/price ratio. Note that a nominally claimed record or card sensor is considered to be a peripheral of the data processing system.

283, Printed Matter, various subclasses for business forms and methods of using such forms.

307, Electrical Transmission or Interconnection Systems, various subclasses for generic residual electrical transmission or interconnection systems and miscellaneous circuits.

340, Communications: Electrical, various subclasses for residual electrical communication systems,

825.30+, for communication details including authorization, vending, credit and access control; and see related classes elsewhere. 341, Coded Data Generation or Conversion, various subclasses for electrical pulse and digital code conversion.

345, Computer Graphics Processing, Operator Interface Processing and Selective Visual Display Systems,

418, 475 for data presentation/computer s:graphics processing; subclasses 112 through 144 for data presentation processing; and subclasses 1 through 111 for the selective control of two or more light generating or light controlling display elements in accordance with a received image signal.

359, Optics: Systems (including Communications) and Elements,

107+, for an optical computing arrangement.

360, Dynamic Magnetic Information Storage or Retrieval, which is an integral part of Class 369 following

18, for record carriers and systems wherein information is stored and retrieved by interaction with a medium and there is relative motion between a medium and a transducer, for

example, magnetic disk drive devices and control thereof, per se.

364, Electrical Computers and Data Processing Systems,

463.01+, for devices or methods for controlling the processing or manufacturing of, or being responsive to a physical or mechanical condition of, a product or material.

365, Static Information Storage and Retrieval, various subclasses for addressable static singular storage elements or plural singular storage elements of the same type.

369, Dynamic Information Storage or Retrieval, various subclasses for record carriers and systems wherein information is stored and retrieved by interaction with a medium and there is relative motion between a medium and a transducer. 370, Multiplex Communications, various subclasses for generic multiplexing and demultiplexing systems.

371, Error Detection/Correction and Fault Detection/Recovery, various subclasses for generic electrical pulse or pulse coded data error detection and correction.

375, Pulse or Digital Communications, various subclasses for generic pulse or digital communication systems.

377, Electrical Pulse Counters, Pulse Dividers, or Shift Registers: Circuits and Systems, various subclasses for generic circuits for pulse counting.

379, Telephonic Communications, various subclasses for two-way electrical communication of intelligible audio information of arbitrary content over a link including an electrical conductor. In addition, search

112+, for a computer controlled telephone charge determining arrangement; subclass 284 for a processor controlled central switching arrangement.

380, Cryptography,

3+, for stored information access or copy prevention (e.g., software program protection or computer virus detection) in combination with data encryption, and subclasses 22 through 25 for electric signal modification with record carrier, computer, electronic funds transfer, user or record actuated authentication.

382, Image Analysis, appropriate subclasses for operations performed on image data with the aim of measuring a characteristic of an image, detecting variations, detecting structures, or transforming the image data, and for procedures for analyzing and categorizing patterns present in image data.

395, Information Processing System Organization,

1, and 3 through 99 for artificial intelligence including a neural net, and robot control; subclasses 180+ for reliability and availability in a digital data processing system; subclasses 200.01+ multicomputer data transferring. 434, Education and Demonstration,

107, 110, 219+ and 306 for education or demonstration of business or economics, occupations and voting, subclasses 322+ for question or problem eliciting response.

463, Amusement Devices: Games,

1+, when there is a recitation (according to paragraph 3, under Scope of the Class, in the Class Definition of this class (705)) of a method or apparatus for moving or processing information specified as game or contest information, especially subclasses 16+, where game or contest information relates to a chance-type game (i.e., one that involves an award or prize based upon the occurrence of a chance happening or event; e.g., lottery, keno, slot machine, etc.). However, in order for the specified information to be considered significant for placement in Class 463, there must be significant game processing. For example, the mere printing of a selected lottery number is not significant unless there is also included an element of a game for Class 463 (e.g., a determination of whether the number is a winning number, such as by lot matching, a determination of an award or prize value associated with a number, etc.). A "coupon" or price adjustment given to a patron based upon an item purchased or another predetermined or nonrandom criteria is not considered to be a chance event or happening appropriate for Class 463.

704, Data Processing: Speech Signal Processing, Linguistics, Language Translation, and Audio Compression/Decompression,

231+, for a speech recognition system.

708, Electrical Computers: Arithmetic Processing and Calculating,

100+, for electrical digital calculating computer combined with diverse art device such as a checkbook or calendar or with inputs or outputs specialized for a particular environment including business.

902, Electronic Funds Transfer, for art collections including a detail of a security measure, an ATM machine, a terminal or an identifier used in an electronic funds transfer.


ARRANGEMENT Either a device or a method of use of a device for performing the indicated process.


Arithmetic or some limited logic operations performed upon or with signals representing numbers or values.


A machine that inputs data, processes data, stores data, and outputs data.


Representation of information in a coded manner suitable for communication, interpretation, or processing.


(For the purpose of this class) A systematic operation on data in accordance with a set of rules which results in a significant change in the data.


An assemblage of components at a single location or which may have its several components at geos:graphically distinct locations, i.e., a network.

ENTERPRISE A conventional business organization, a governmental organization or a nonprofit organization.


A function directly related to the commercial activity of an enterprise (e.g. the exchange, buying or selling of commodities).