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131GOLF {23}
132  DF  .~> Ball feeding means and tee {3}
138  DF  .~> Projectile tethered to swingable implement
139  DF  .~> Anchored (e.g., tethered, etc.) projectile {8}
150  DF  .~> Projectile addressing surface and target, or distance marker (e.g., course, putting green with cup, driving range, miniature golf course, etc.) {7}
173  DF  .~> Target or obstacle (e.g., putting hole, hole marker, sand trap, etc.) {5}
198  DF  .~> Moving projectile responsive sensor or indicator {2}
201  DF  .~> Hand on grip positioning aid or grip indicator {5}
207  DF  .~> Practice device attachable to body {4}
218  DF  .~> Foot positioning aid and indicator associated with swingable implement
219  DF  .~> Practice swingable implement or indicator associated with swingable implement {4}
266  DF  .~> Body movement or position indicator (e.g., stance aids, etc.) {7}
278  DF  .~> Practice projectile addressing surface (e.g., driving mat, etc.) {1}
280  DF  .~> Practice projectile {1}
282  DF  .~> Club or club support {17}
351  DF  .~> Ball {8}
386  DF  .~> Tee setting device
387  DF  .~> Tee {10}
404  DF  .~> Green slope indicator
405  DF  .~> Accesory device located on projectile addressing surface (e.g., tee block, direction indicator, etc.)
406  DF  .~> Ball position marker
407  DF  .~> Club selection, ball direction, or distance indicating aid
408  DF  .~> Player manipulated turf repair tool
409  DF  .~> Method


Classification: 473/131


(under the class definition) Subject matter including a method, a playing area, playing equipment, a practice device, or auxiliary device used by a player or located on the playing area, not otherwise provided for elsewhere, that is for playing or practicing a game wherein a player strikes a ball by a stroke or a number of strokes to advance the ball from a ball striking location to one of a plurality of sequentially numbered putting holes, and plays a number of such holes sequentially with the object, on each hole, of advancing the ball from the ball striking location into the putting hole in the fewest number of strokes.


2, Apparel,

161.2, for a golf glove.

33, Geometrical Instruments,

508, for a gauge to analyze a golf club.

36, Boots, Shoes and Leggings, 127, for a golf shoe.

40, Card, Picture, or Sign Exhibiting,

915, for a collection of patents relating to golf club identification.

73, Measuring and Testing,

12.02, for testing a golf ball by impact, and subclass 65.03 for specific types of golf club testing.

101, Printing, Digest 40 for a collection of patents relating to printing on golf balls.

144, Woodworking,

2, for apparatus for making golf clubs.

150, Purses, Wallets, and Protective Covers,

159, for a golf cart or bag cover, and subclass 160 for a golf club cover.

156, Adhesive Bonding and Miscellaneous Chemical Manufacture, appropriate subclasses for a method of making a golf ball.

172, Earth Working, 371+, for a turf repair handtool of general application and not specified for use by a golfer.

206, Special Receptacle or Package,

315.2+, for a golf bag, and subclass 315.9 for a golf ball receptacle.

211, Supports: Racks,

70.2, for a golf club rack.

224, Package and Article Carriers, for a carrier attached to a golf cart, and

918, for a collection of patents for a golf tee or ball marker carrier.

248, Supports,

96, for a golf bag holder.

273, Amusement Devices: Games,

108.2+, for a simulated golf game which uses a surface projectile, subclass 245 for a board game which simulates play of the game of golf, and subclass 317.2 for a simulated golf game which uses an aerial projectile. 280, Land Vehicles,

47.26, for a wheeled golf pull cart, and Digest 5 for a collection of patents on motorized golf carts, and Digest 6 for a collection of patents on wheeled golf club carriers.

283, Printed Matter,

49, for a golf score card.

294, Handling: Hand and Hoist-Line Implements,

19.2, for a pole mounted golf ball retriever.

434, Education and Demonstration,

252, for a golf-teaching device, and see the line note at the top of this (473) class.

463, Amusement Devices: Games,

2+, for a simulated golf game which uses a simulated projectile and which includes means for processing electronic data (e.g., a computer or video golf game, etc.) and subclasses 49+ for a simulated projectile game or for a target or accessory therefor (e.g., a game which uses a simulation of a golf ball, etc.).


708+, for design patents relating to golf and golf accessories.