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118SWING {5}
119  DF  .~> Motor operated
120  DF  .~> Having hand and foot operator
121  DF  .~> Having hand operator {1}
124  DF  .~> Having foot operator with separate suspender
125  DF  .~> For plural occupants


Classification: 472/118


(under the class definition) Amusement device comprising a suspended surface for seating an occupant, which surface oscillates (i.e., moves to-and-fro) either irregularly or as a result of actuation by a mechanical means.

(1) Note. Class 472 takes a swing (a) if it has an irregular oscillation or has a compound or erratic movement; (b) if the oscillation is effected by a mechanical means (i.e., effected by a motor or an actuator operated by a person); or (c) if the oscillatory suspender is connected only to the bottom component of the seat without passing through an armrest. Class 297 takes a swing (a) if it is intended to be generally constrained to oscillate in a single plane with no compound or erratic movement; (b) if the oscillatory suspender is connected to and supports any component of a seat other than the bottom component (e.g., the suspender connected to the back, the armrest, or to side structure extending upwardly from the bottom of the seat); or (c) if the oscillatory suspender is connected to the bottom of the seat but also passes through the armrest thereof.


5, Beds,

124+, for a couch hammock type swing and subclasses 127+ for a support for a couch hammock.

248, Supports,

127+, for a stand, per se, or in combination with a mere oscillatable suspended platform; subclasses 317+ for a mere horizontal support and suspension means therefor; and see particularly subclass 370 for a stand having dependent oscillating links which carry a support surface. 297, Chairs and Seats,

232+, for plural related seats mounted to permit oscillatory motion for the occupants; and particularly subclasses 245+ for seats pivotally interconnected by a common footrest, the actuation of which causes the seats to oscillate; subclasses 273+ for a seat having an oscillating suspension means which supports or is supported by a component other than the bottom, e.g., an armrest or back; and particularly subclasses 274+ for a baby jumper type suspended oscillator.

446, Amusement Devices: Toys,

323, for a toy swing having a figure simulation mounted on the seat of the swing for oscillatory movement thereof.