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99  DF  .~> Including fastener for attaching to external surface {1}
101  DF  .~> Superposed movable attached layers or components
102  DF  .~> Including stitching and discrete fastener(s), coating or bond {1}
105  DF  .~> Including grain, strips, or filamentary elements in respective layers or components in angular relation {3}
114  DF  .~> Including grain, strips, or filamentary elements in different layers or components parallel
115  DF  .~> Including fringe
116  DF  .~> Honeycomb-like {2}
119  DF  .~> Including sheet or component perpendicular to plane of web or sheet {1}
121  DF  .~> Fold at edge {4}
131  DF  .~> Including aperture {3}
141  DF  .~> Continuous and nonuniform or irregular surface on layer or component (e.g., roofing, etc.) {5}
156  DF  .~> Including variation in thickness {7}
174  DF  .~> Nonplanar uniform thickness material {5}
188  DF  .~> Longitudinal or transverse tubular cavity or cell
189  DF  .~> Laterally noncoextensive components {2}
192  DF  .~> Edge feature {2}
195  DF  .~> Discontinuous or differential coating, impregnation or bond (e.g., artwork, printing, retouched photograph, etc.) {9}
212  DF  .~> Including components having same physical characteristic in differing degree {3}
219  DF  .~> Weight per unit area specified
220  DF  .~> Physical dimension specified


Classification: 428/98

(under the class definition) Product comprising a single or plural layer* web* or sheet* in which (1) the overall web* or sheet* has a particular size, shape or other physical configuration; (2) components* or constituents* thereof are arranged in an orderly fashion relative to a surface of the product; (3) the product comprises at least two layers* or components*, each claimed as possessing a particular characteristic which is different from the other (e.g., hardness, density, etc.); (4) the product includes a particular characteristic claimed in relation to a surface thereof; (5) there is a nonuniform thickness, planarity, surface, coating, impregnation or bond; (6) there are apertures; (7) any other characteristic is present by which the overall web* or sheet* may be identified as having a particular structure or configuration.

(1) Note. A patent directed to a plural layer stock material product identified solely in terms of the composition of at least one layer thereof will be placed in subclasses 411+ of this class (428).

(2) Note. See the Class Definition, Criteria for Patent Placement in thei Class, first paragraph, for subject matter excluded from this class (428).

(3) Note. Although a naturally occurring fibrous material such as wood is considerd to have "grain" direction (see subclasses 105 and 114) such material is not considered as a fiber-containing material in this or any indented subclass.

(4) Note. Included under this definition of "significant size" is any recitation of a measurable extent or range thereof, no matter how wide (e.g., "up to .075 mils, etc.").

(5) Note. Included under this definition of physical size is a recitation of a weight unit (e.g., grams, pounds etc.) spread over a unit of area (e.g., square feet, square meters,

etc.). See also the class definition, Framework of the Class for other examples of structure. SEE OR SEARCH THIS CLASS, SUBCLASS:

221+, for a web* or sheet* containing a structurally defined element* or component*.

357+, for a structurally defined rod*, strand*, fiber*, particle* or other element* or constituent* thereof, or a mass thereof, and especially subclasses 364+ for a product having a width substantially equal to the thickness thereof (e.g., rod*, strand*, fiber*, filament*, etc.) and claimed in terms of its particular shape or size or the shape, size or arrangements of its constituents.

411+, for a nonstructural plural layer*, web* or sheet* wherein a second component* thereof is defined in terms of its molecular orientation or crystalline structure.


36, Boots, Shoes, and Leggings,

30, and 44 for a laminated shoe part.

112, Sewing,

400+, for a sewn web or sheet; and see section VI A1(a)(4) of this definition.

198, Conveyors: Power-Driven, appropriate subclasses for an endless belt or stock material including specific structure for carrying material in a horizontal plane.

248, Supports, for a vibration damping ring support.Also, see section VI of this definition for additional classes related to this subclass.

400, Typewriting Machines, 237+, for an inking ribbons especially adapted for typewriting machines.

424, Drug, Bio-Affecting and Body Treating Compositions,

443+, for a web or sheet including a composition of that class.