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Classification: 428/543

Product or stock material not provided for in any preceding subclass in this class or where no other classification exists.

(1) Note. Examples of products found in this subclass are: a mass of filaments of no definite structure, mixtures of strands or strips of no definite structure, etc.

(2) Note. A surface modified so as to form a chemical composition or compound is classified in the appropriate compound or composition class, e.g., 106 or 260.

(3) Note. No patent should be placed in this subclass before consulting the "Index to U.S. Patent Classification" for a more appropriate class and subclass.

(4) Note. The search notes below indicate classes and subclasses frequently overlooked in mistakenly deciding that an article is "miscellaneous".


409+, for a web, sheet or block claimed in terms of a surface characteristic.


16, Miscellaneous Hardware, 110, for a handle, per se, and the definitions thereto for the location of other handles.

24, Buckles, Buttons, Clasps, etc.,

225, for the loop-type eye of a hook-and-eye fastener.

106, Compositions: Coating or Plastic, for a single-layer material for building construction, claimed in terms of its composition, even though described or nominally claimed as an "article".

116, Signals and Indicators,

63+, for a street traffic marker.

135, Tent, Canopy, Umbrella, or Cane,

65, for a handle for a cane or umbrella.

164, Metal Founding,

235+, for a patterned mold for molten metal or a part of such mold.

169, Fire Extinguishers, 50, for a means for isolating a person or nonburning thing from a fire, e.g., a fire-barrier, or shield.

174, Electricity: Conductors and Insulators,

32+, for anti-inductive structures, especially subclass 35 for devices which shield, or protect structures from magnetic, or electrical interference.

215, Bottles and Jars,

200+, for a closure for a bottle.

219, Electric Heating,

201+, for an article containing an electric heating wire, or other element for heating the article.

228, Metal Fusion Bonding,

44.1, for a holder, or pusher for a metal part to be welded to another part by fusion bonding.

237, Heating Systems,

79, for a radiator heat shield.

248, Supports, 637+, for a machinery support.

249, Static Molds,

187+, for an element for such a mold.

250, Radiant Energy,

515+, for devices, e.g., shields for absorbing invisible radiation.

267, Spring Devices,

136+, for a device for absorbing shocks, e.g., a resilient dunnage element, etc.

273, Amusement Devices: Games,

146, for a game playing die, and subclasses 293+ for a game playing card or tile.

294, Handling: Hand and Hoist-Line Implements,

27, for a receptacle handle, subclass 61 for spears and subclass 131 for shields. 296, Land Vehicles: Bodies and Tops,

187+, for a land vehicle body wall or a component thereof.

361, Electricity: Electrical Systems and Devices,

600, for a potted electrical device.

403, Joints and Connections,

30, for a joint between two objects having different coefficients for expansion.

411, Expanded, Threaded, Driven, Headed, and Tool-Deformed or Locked Threaded Fasteners,

378+, for an externally threaded fastener.

430, Radiation Imagery Chemistry: Process, Composition, or Product Thereof,

5, for a mask to be used in photography.

521, Synthetic Resins or Natural Rubbers,

50+, for a single layer of foamed synthetic resin claimed in terms of its composition; even though described, or nominally claimed as an "article".